Wipro 3D

Wipro 3D offers Additive Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing Consulting and Adaption Services, Additive Engineering Services, Research & Development Solutions as well as Design, Deployment and Operations of captive AM centres.

Wipro 3D can deliver additively manufactured components in production level volume to the Aerospace, Space, Defense, Industrial & Tooling, Heavy Engineering, Healthcare, Automotive, and Nuclear sectors.

Started in 2012 as a part of Wipro’s strategic initiative into the future of manufacturing, Wipro 3D has quickly grown into a leading provider of metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions and services.

Wipro 3D uses a ‘Select to Prove’ lifecycle approach, based on our extensive experience in Component Selection and Use Case analysis, Additive Engineering and Simulation, Material Adaption and Substitution, Build Strategies, Post Processing know-how and Prove-Out considerations.

Wipro 3D can offer standard and customized AM solutions, products, and services which are not limited to commonly adopted metals. Wipro 3D’s in-depth application knowledge and production-ready proprietary Quality Management Systems that monitor more than 50 data points are key drivers leading to successful parts in diverse sectors.

Wipro 3D uses the best-in-class metal AM printers, post processing and characterization equipment, to offer Contract Additive Manufacturing Services that serve production and aftermarket needs of customers across Industry Verticals. Process Packages created by the Design and Engineering team are realized with high fidelity using W3D Manufacturing Standards that dovetail with Quality Standard requirements such as AS9100.

With plans to be a cross platform solution provider with solutions based on Selective Laser Melting or Powder Bed fusion, Electron Beam Melting, Binder Jetting as well as Direct Energy Deposition processes, Wipro 3D’s current machine capability includes M400, M290 and an M280. Best practices in powder characterization, conditioning, handling storage and tracking are followed on the shop floor including best in class safety and environment monitoring. Infrastructure includes remote (including visual) monitoring of builds.

At Wipro 3D, all machines and processes required for post processing, right from the build release and post build heat treatment, net shaping to surface are put under one roof for a productive and smooth workflow, enabled by custom designed material handling capabilities.

Wipro 3D designs some of its key machines in post processing to be able to customize parameters for achieving required results.

Post processing machines include Inert Gas Furnace, Vacuum Furnace (upcoming), 4 Axis, Vertical Machining Centre, Shot Peening/blasting (Various Media), EDM Wire Cut, Surface Grinder, Tumbling Equipment and Specialized Machining Processes.

Value delivery remains a core consideration at Wipro 3D and is supported by a strong quality framework. Wipro 3D’s Quality program focuses first on entire process package with the component being the result. Our quality practices have three main objectives: Reliable, Predictable and Repeatable Realization of components.